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Swim to the Sky is a talent development consulting business that partners with organizations and individuals to help them realize their vision!  

What is Talent Development?

The focus of talent development is to empower people to build upon their knowledge, skills, and capabilities in a way that leads to success and contributes to the strategic goals of an organization. It is one of the best ways to ensure an organization has the leadership it will need to adapt to change and be sustainable.

The role of a Talent Development Consultant is to guide organizations toward creating a culture of cohesiveness and lifelong learning that drives opportunity, engagement, and performance by focusing on personal, professional, and organizational planning and growth.


At Swim to the Sky, we provide unbiased talent development solutions for your unique needs. 

Let us help you SOAR to success!

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Organizational Culture

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Questions to Ask Yourself

Let's Soar!

Does your culture foster collaboration within teams as well as cross-functionally, or are your teams siloed? 

Does everyone consistently communicate your vision and brand while building rapport with customers? 

When a new person is onboarded, the team dynamic changes. What steps are taken to acclimate the person and team to avoid conflict and miscommunication?

Do your learning programs and content address your needs? 

Do your learning strategies create a continuous learning environment?

 Do your learning programs align with cognitive science and adult learning theories to maximize learning and behavioral outcomes? 

Does your organization support a mentoring program?

Do you have a strong new hire training program that enhances speed to competency?

If you were a customer with your organization, would you be happy with the customer journey? What customer satisfaction rating would you give?

What steps have you taken to complete a business process analysis and evaluate your talent development strategies? 

Does your organization have effective performance support systems and tools?

Do you have the processes and resources in place to help people navigate change?