Would you like to learn skills that can help you deal with a stressful situation in a calm and compassionate way?

Are you seeking a way to recognize common humanity instead of differences? 


CIT is a resiliency-based program that cultivates human values as skills so we can thrive as individuals and a society, within a healthy environment. When we learn how to calm our bodies and minds, deal effectively with our emotions, and relate to others with dignity and compassion, we have the ability to create a better world.  

The program includes both large and small group discussions, experiential learning activities, reflective writing activities, mindful dialogues, and contemplative practices. 

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Compassionate Integrity Training is divided into three series designed to improve your individual wellbeing, relationships with others, and engagement with the world by increasing your ability to practice these skills:

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Series I: Self-Cultivation

  • Calming Body and Mind

  • Ethical Mindfulness

  • Emotional Awareness

  • Self-Compassion


Series II: Relating to Others

  • Impartiality and Common Humanity

  • Forgiveness and Gratitude

  • Empathic Concern

  • Compassion

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Series III: Engaging in Systems

  • Appreciating Interdependence

  • Engaging with Discernment

Who Should Attend?

CIT is for everyone! The skills that you will learn can be applied to your personal and professional life.


CIT is for individuals, families, community leaders, businesses, teams, caretakers, educators, ... anyone and everyone!

It's for anyone who wants to learn how to have more compassion for themself and others by considering their words and actions and how to positively impact the well-being of all people. 

If you want to learn skills that can lead a calmer life and connect with others in a meaningful way, CIT is for you!


What Can I Learn?

CIT provides a safe environment to consider ideas, practice skills, and develop in your own way. We believe in progress, not perfection. You can "take what you want, and leave what you don't want." It's your journey!

Each of the 10 skills has unique learning objectives. Some things you can learn are how to 

  • Build and expand your resilient zone

  • Improve your physical and emotional health

  • Create space between your thoughts and speech/actions to become less reactive

  • Recognize bias, in/out-group traps, and how to focus on common humanity