Welcome to Swim to the Sky, a Talent Development Consulting firm that partners with organizations like yours to create a culture of collaboration and compassion that aligns with and supports your philosophy, promotes engagement, and drives excellence and results. 


Your purpose or philosophy is your mission, vision, and values combined. They are the strongest influencers of your organization's culture, which guides the way that people think, act, and work - either together or apart - to achieve goals. A cohesive culture keeps people strong in their daily tasks, and as they face challenges and manage change. It helps people feel valued as individuals, team members, and contributors to the success of the organization. Conversely, when a culture is fractured, it may lead to silos, mistrust, low engagement, poor customer satisfaction, and a lack of desired results. 

Swim to the Sky knows your organization is as unique as a stone in the river or a cloud in the sky, so we offer a range of services and unique solutions. We will assess your philosophy and how it is communicated to the people in your organization and customers, examine the level of collaboration within your teams and cross-functional; and evaluate the effectiveness of your learning journeys to determine if they embrace the history, culture, and philosophy of your organization.  

We partner with and provide an unbiased professional perspective to individuals, teams, and organizations, and empower them in a way that everyone wins and can soar to success! 

"You don't build a business. You build people, and people build the business." ~Zig Ziglar

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Swim to the Sky Solutions

Learn to Soar!


What is being communicated about your organization?  

Do you have satisfied customers promoting your service excellence, or dissatisfaction and complaints?

Are you achieving your desired results?

The people of your organization are your voice and demonstrate your values with clients and customers. They build your solid reputation and brand, so invest in their development and lifelong learning. 

Does your organization have an embedded culture of learning that motivates people to enrich their professional and personal life? 

Do your trainers have a strong knowledge of adult learning in an organizational environment and know how to effectively guide people on their learning journey? 

Learning has become a foundation for organizational growth, relationship building, and success.  Learning cohorts are a great way for people to learn while sharing experiences that relate to the content and their professional and personal life. 

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