Learning Cohorts

The Learning Cohorts offered by Swim to the Sky  are open to organizations and to community members. For organizations, the learning cohorts may be offered as part of your solution. For community members, the learning cohorts will be offered in your local area or virtually throughout the year. 

In the context of adult learning, learning cohorts are a team, group, or community of people who progress through a learning experience together, sharing ideas and past experiences that relate to the content. Learning cohorts are based on educational theories of how adults learn in an interactive environment that encourages group discussion, critical thinking, and application to their personal and professional life. 

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SOAR for Learning Professionals

SOAR is a 20-hour multifaceted program for learning professionals who want to promote an authentic, enriching, and engaging learning environment for adult learners. The program is comprised of five series focused on identity and integrity, understanding adult learners, preparing for learning delivery, optimizing the learning environment, effective facilitation, and cultural change. 

SOAR is an excellent program for those who are new to talent development, or those who are experienced and looking for a 'gold nugget' on their lifelong learning journey. It is offered to groups of five (5) or more in a collaborative learning environment via in-person or virtual delivery. 

Those who successfully complete the program will be eligible to enroll in SOAR Beyond, which is an onsite evaluation and coaching program for those who want an unbiased perspective of their live facilitation skills.


Coming soon ... SOAR for Learning Professionals will be offered as a self-directed online course with monthly one-on-one coaching sessions. 

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Compassionate Integrity Training

Compassionate Integrity Training (CIT) is a multi-part training program that cultivates basic human values as skills for the purpose of increasing individual, social, and environmental flourishing. 

The CIT program consists of ten modules within three series: Self-Cultivation, Relating to Others, and Engaging in Systems. The topics covered include ethical mindfulness, emotional awareness, compassion, common humanity, forgiveness and gratitude, and appreciating interdependence. 

CIT utilizes the "three-in-three" educational model that integrates the three domains of knowledge with three levels of understanding. For knowledge to become transformative and lead to lasting change in behavior, it needs to progress through three levels of understanding - received knowledge, critical insight or an a-ha moment, and embodied understanding. 

CIT is offered either: weekly for eleven weeks, semi-weekly for five weeks, or as a three day intensive.