The Philosophy of Our Culture

Our mission and vision are the strongest influences of our culture as they set the stage for establishing a focused environment. Our values provide the tone and expectations of how we behave and relate to one another within our culture. Culture touches all aspects of our work, from acumen to emotion.

At Swim to the Sky, we are guided by Integrity. It is the cornerstone of our relationships and reputation. We take responsibility for our words and actions, embrace our strengths and weaknesses, and stay true to our philosophy. 

At the heart of our culture is Compassion. We believe in recognizing and addressing the needs of others, demonstrating empathy, and partnering with others to find solutions. 

Our Mission

To provide unbiased talent development solutions that strengthen our client's ability to develop a cohesive culture and engaging learning strategies that align with their philosophy and lead to an engaged, high-performance organization. 

Our Vision

To empower all people and organizations to SOAR by providing resources and solutions that help embed interconnectedness and compassion in all of their thoughts, actions, and decisions. 

Our Values

Create Synergy: We believe that success is driven by our ability to build relationships and break silos. We are interconnected and must come together to achieve our goals. 

Recognize Opportunity: We believe in developing a habit to look everywhere for the chance to learn, grow, and change. It is always present. 

Make Authentic Connections: We believe in opening genuine channels of communication to hear what our clients want and need. To do this, we work with authentic people who are true to their values, live with conviction and confidence, and let their passion shine through everything they do.

Drive Results: We believe in working with exceptional people who exceed expectations professionally, personally, and in the community. We clearly communicate our philosophy and support the professional and personal development of our colleagues and clients. 

Let Swim to the Sky  help your organization SOAR!